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Download 150 Puzzles in Crypt-Arithmetic by Maxey Brooke PDF

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By Maxey Brooke

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0 = 5 .. 105. xxA ABx xxxD xxD xxB xxxxxx 106. CENT _ MINE _ CLE I CE - 107. EAU x EAU = OCEAN 108. This is a magic square. All rows and columns add up to the same number. MO NE DS SN TD ID NM TE ES NE S I DO NT ID ES NS MO ID TD NO IT NM TS TT DN 36 PUZZLES 109. All ten digits are found in the multiplier and the multiplicand, and all the l's are given. xlxxx xxxxx lxxlxl xxxxxx xxllx xxxxxx xxxxlx xxxxxxllxl 110. (multiplicand). (multiplier) 34x7 7xxx (product) 111. All the 3's are given. **3* **3 3*** ***33 **** ******* 112.

SALT to the base 6. ANSWERS ANSWERS 1. (a) In the second partial product we see D x A = D, hence A=1. (b) DxC and ExC both end in C, hence C = 5. (c) D and E must be odd. Since both partial products have only three digits, neither can be 9. This leaves only 3 and 7. In the first partial product E x B is a number of two digits while in the second partial product D x B is a number of only one digit. Thus E is larger than D, so E = 7 and D = 3. (d) Since D x B has only one digit, B must be 3 or less.

D) The star in *C must be an even number and give a twodigit number beginning with 1 when multiplied by 4. Only 4 meets these conditions. (e) 5 x 9 x 43 = 1935. 22. (a) D+F-E = 0 or 11. (b) 2F + E terminates in D, hence F = E-D( +0 or + 11) 2F = D-E( +0, + 10, or +20) and 3F = 0, 10, 11,20, 21, or 31. Only 21 fits, and F = 7. (c) Thus: D = 4+E ~d E+A+l=10 or F + E - A = 0 or 11 E = 1, A = 8, D = 5. (d) The cube is 803 3 = 517781627. 23. The square of TIF ends in TIF and must be 625 or 376. Since N = 1, only TIF = 625 will satisfy.

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