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Download 3D origami art by Jun Mitani PDF

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By Jun Mitani

Easily Create Origami with Curved Folds and Surfaces

Origami―making shapes in simple terms via folding―reveals a desirable sector of geometry woven with numerous representations. the area of origami has stepped forward dramatically because the creation of machine courses to accomplish the required computations for origami design.

3D Origami Art provides the layout equipment underlying 3D creations derived from computation. It contains various photographs and layout drawings known as crease styles, that are on hand for obtain at the author’s site. during the book’s transparent figures and outlines, readers can simply create geometric 3D buildings out of a collection of traces and curves drawn on a second plane.

The writer makes use of numerous shapes of sheets akin to rectangles and common polygons, rather than sq. paper, to create the origami. some of the origami creations have a 3D constitution composed of curved surfaces, and a few of them have advanced types. besides the fact that, the history thought underlying all of the creations is particularly easy. the writer exhibits how diversified origami kinds are designed from a typical theory.

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This is the same as the flat-pleat cone type. 19a, the top is tightly closed. 18 Twist-closing structure on flat-pleat cylinder type. 19 Twist-closing structure on flat-pleat cone type. 19b crease pattern. 15. 8 Solid with Curved Surfaces A solid having smoothly curved surfaces can be created by curving the cross section of an axisymmetric solid. 20, for instance, an arc on the left produces the flatpleat cylinder–type solid on the right. 20 Three-dimensional origami with curved surfaces. developable surfaces.

Done. indb 13 13 5/12/16 12:53 PM “Japanese Apricot Flower” Crease Pattern Template The handy size is that the crease pattern’s width fits to that of the A4 sheet in portrait. jp/ book/3d_origami_art/. indb 14 Axisymmetric 3D Origami 5/12/16 12:53 PM Let’s Make It (3) Whipped Cream Consisting only of curved lines, this origami whipped cream will have a smoothly curved ­surface. Make good use of the template to crease the curved lines crisply. The folding process is also great fun as you see the workpiece graduating into a shape as you cup it with both hands to let the center lift up.

Dimensionally as you roll the outside until it looks like, say, sheet. the back of a woodlouse. Glue the paper edge and glue tab together to form a cylinder (the printed side is inside). Flip over and close the the eight flaps overlap each opposite side in the same other. If it does not work, way. Last, fix the shape of the re-crease the lines and try again. flaps. Done. indb 11 11 5/12/16 12:53 PM “Eight-Flap Sphere” Crease Pattern Template The handy size is that the crease pattern’s long side fits to the A4 sheet’s longitudinal side.

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