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By Dominique Raynaud

This publication offers the 1st serious version of Ibn al-Haytham’s On the form of the Eclipse with English translation and statement, which files the 1st clinical research of the digital camera obscura. On the form of the Eclipse contains pioneering learn at the stipulations of formation of the picture, in a time deemed to be devoted to aniconism. It additionally presents an early try and merge the 2 branches of old optics—the concept of sunshine and concept of vision.

What possibly so much strongly characterizes this treatiseis the shut interplay of a geometrical research of sunshine and experimental reasoning. Ibn al-Haytham performed his experiments in a scientific manner through various all that may be replaced: the form and measurement of the aperture, the focal size of the digicam obscura, the space and form of the celestial our bodies. this fashion, he completed a radical realizing. This paintings represents a decisive step in either the background of optics and the applying of the experimental approach that was once simply as effective in medieval Islam as today.

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Extra info for A Critical Edition of Ibn al-Haytham’s On the Shape of the Eclipse: The First Experimental Study of the Camera Obscura

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We can often find ‫ ﺿـﺆ‬or ‫ ﺿـﻮ‬instead of ‫ﺿـﻮء‬ (ḍaw‘, “light”); ‫ ﻋ ـ ـﻠ ـ ـﻲ‬instead of ‫‘( ﻋ ـ ـﻠ ـ ـﻰ‬alā, “to”); ‫ اواﻳ ـ ـﻞ‬instead of ‫( أواﺋ ـ ـﻞ‬awā’il, “beginning”). The verbal forms ‫ ﻳـ ـﻜـ ـﻮن‬،‫( ﺗـ ـﻜـ ـﻮن‬yakūn/takawwūn, “he/she is”) and ‫ ﻳـ ـﺨـ ـﺮج‬،‫ﺗـ ـﺨـ ـﺮج‬ (yakhruj/takharruj, “he/she comes out”) are muddled throughout the manuscripts. ‫ رأس ـ‬instead of ‫ﺳﻬﻤـﺎ‬ ‫رأ ـ ـ‬ Affixe pronouns are juxtaposed rather than attached: we read ‫ﻫﻤـﺎ‬ (rāsahumā, “their two apices”).

I have translated On the Shape of the Eclipse keeping in mind an intermediate language register, which is neither too common, nor too formal. This solution allows for a global paralleling of the Arabic and English texts, while an editor’s task focus on disambiguation. When there is no possible confusion, my translation is literal. , line 180). When potential misunderstanding exists, I have split the term into different words. Mathematics. The word ‫( ﺳ ـﻬ ـﻢ‬sahm), literally “arrow,” occurs frequently in Ibn alHaytham’s text.

148–59). This Edition 25 2. Reading the Diagrams The diagrams of On the Shape of the Eclipse have been critically edited. The diagrams thus retain the original proportions found in manuscripts. Since the overall device cannot be depicted to scale—the Sun-Earth distance is about 1010 times more than the focal distance of the darkroom—there is no perfect picture. The reader is here provided with a three-dimensional view of the device. ) X Projection Plane Moon A Ǧ Sun D Y B Ḥ F Aperture Š Ḫ T Fig.

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