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Download A Dictionary of Egyptian Arabic by Martin Hinds, El-Said Badawi PDF

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By Martin Hinds, El-Said Badawi

The simplest dictionary of its style. Idioms, instance sentences in distinctive transcription, illustrations within the again. This dictionary is meant to fulfill a longstanding want at the a part of audio system of English for a dictionary with which to realize Egyptian Arabic. The language defined here's primarily spoken language and, as such, it can be contrasted with formal written language.
Арабско-английский словарь. Слова, идиомы, дублирование произношения латиницей. Иллюстрации касаются арабской специфики - музыкальные инструменты, одежда, орнаменты и т.д.

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IImuxx-i mralesid my brain's a bit rusty. -vn ralesada; ava/pva miralesid. J-Shl ritralesid lvil to become oxydized. -vn taralesud t; Iva mitralesid. 4J. IrS! rilesira J ladj invarl first-class. ba((iix rilesira excellent water-melons. 4J. si ralesiswaar, rilesiswaar lcoll n, pI -aatll spare part(s). ). 3 accessory or accessories (in fashion). ) ralesiliteer or rilesiliteer In pI -aatl accelerator. -S! rilesililoon In pI -aatl xylophone.

2 range of vision. II raagil waasil il- ru/uq a tolerant (broad-minded) man. - raxuu ru/uq-u dayyatj his brother is narrow-minded. ~i ru/uqi, ru/qiT ladjl horizontal. J~i raffaaq1 In *1 swindler. ,;-\5""; i ravukaatu (also ravukaadu I) In pi ravukatiyya. ravukadiyyal lawyer, advocate. - also rabukaatu. rabukaadu. i. ,;i ravukaadu 1 Icoll nl avocado tree(s). avocado pear(s). - also rabukaadu. ,; i ravukaduhaaya In pi -aatl an avocado pear. - also rabukaduhaaya. i. ;.. i· ravumiitar

Vn fittixaaz; ava mittixiz; pva muttaxaz. ,;-i faaxarf ladj, fern I'uxra, pi I'aaxariinl other. min finsaan Ii·faaxar from one person to another. min waqt i I-faaxar from time to time. fil-bayaah iI-fuxra the life to come (in the hereafter). i faxiir ladj *1 final. fil-fa~1 il-I'axiir min iImasrabiyya the final act of the play. fit-mayya ir-rabe;a wil-faxiira the fourth and final,watering. 11 faxiiran ladvl finally. kaan rakib-ha sittiin e;afriit li-badd i rna I'axiiran wi~il she was on tenterhooks until he eventually arrived.

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