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By Yukio Tono

A Frequency Dictionary of Japanese is a useful instrument for all freshmen of jap, offering a listing of the 5,000 most ordinarily used phrases within the language.

Based on a100 million observe corpus, composed of spoken, fiction, non-fiction and information texts in present use, the dictionary presents the person with an in depth frequency-based checklist, in addition to alphabetical and part-of-speech indices.

All entries within the frequency record characteristic the English identical and a pattern sentence with English translation. The dictionary additionally comprises 25 thematically organised lists of usually used phrases on numerous issues reminiscent of foodstuff, climate, occupations and relaxation. a number of bar charts also are incorporated to spotlight the phonetic and spelling editions throughout sign in.

A Frequency Dictionary of Japanese allows scholars of all degrees to maximize their examine of eastern vocabulary in a good and fascinating approach. it's also a good source for lecturers of the language.

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82 281 残る nokoru v. remain, be left •• 仕事を終えるために一人でオフィスに残った。 — I stayed in the office alone to finish the work. 91 282 最後 saigo n. last, end •• これが最後のチャンスだ。— This is the last chance. 95 283 車 kuruma n. car; wheel •• 彼女は車で買い物に出かけた。— She went shopping by car. 90 284 初めて hajimete adv. for the first time, first •• 彼と初めて会ったのは去年の夏です。— I met him last summer for the first time. 95 285 今度 kondo n. this time, next time •• 今度の日曜日、映画を見に行きませんか。— Would you like to go to see a movie next Sunday? 86 286 体 karada n.

93 444 姿 sugata n. figure, shape, appearance •• 最近彼の姿を見ない。— I have seen nothing of him lately. 93 445 なくなる nakunaru v. disappear; be gone •• 無駄遣いしていたので、すぐに貯金がなくなっ てしまった。— As I wasted money the savings quickly disappeared. 94 446 時期 jiki n. time, period, season •• この時期はいつも雪が降る。— It always snows at this time of the year. , na-adj. contrary, opposite •• 予想とは逆の結果が出た。— The result was contrary to our expectations. 95 448 頑張る ganbaru v. do one’s best •• 頑張ります。— I’ll do my best. 77 | WB 449 示す shimesu v.

Friend •• 彼女は友人代表としてスピーチをした。— She made a speech on behalf of her friends. 81 Frequency index 33 476 だめ dame na-adj. useless, hopeless, impossible •• 私はお酒はだめなんです。— I can’t drink alcohol. 88 477 経つ tatsu v. pass, go by •• 彼が死んでから十年経つ。— Ten years have passed since he died. 90 478 先程 sakihodo n. a short while ago •• 先程、田中様からお電話がありました。— Mr. Tanaka called you a little while ago. 68 479 一回 ikkai n. once •• 私は週に一回買い物に行きます。— I go shopping once a week. 80 480 十分 juubun na-adj. enough, sufficient adv. fully, sufficiently, adequately •• 留学するのに十分なお金を貯めた。— I saved enough money to study abroad.

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