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Download A Method of Obtaining Normal Representations for a by Whiterhead J. H. C. PDF

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By Whiterhead J. H. C.

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There are two types of zooms: optical and digital. The optical zoom is more important; it indicates the magnification that the lens can produce. The digital zoom, on the other hand, uses electronics to enlarge the center of the image. This cropping effect lowers image quality and can result in blocky, grainy footage (see “Viewing Distance”). I recommend using the digital zoom only if you really need it. Convert Old Movies Do you have old VHS tapes that you’d like to digitize? If so, look for a camcorder with an analog video input.

RULE 8: AVOID BACKLIGHTING Camcorders can’t pick up the range of tones that the human eye can. So if you position someone against a bright background (such as a sunny sky), the camera will expose for the bright light—turning the person in the foreground into a silhouette. If possible, avoid pointing the camera directly at a light source. Instead, move around so the light is to your right or left. ) If you can’t move, see whether your camcorder offers a backlight control, which changes the exposure to compensate for backlighting.

The resolution tweaks can cause your mini and your monitor to stop communicating altogether, so you end up with a blank screen. If you tweak your settings with DisplayConfigX or switchResX, it’s best to have a second monitor on hand; you can use it to reset the supported resolutions and then connect the HDTV again. I’ve seen a lengthy list of other problems related to DVI-to-HDMI adapters, including completely blank screens. And connecting the mini to an older HDTV, one that has analog component inputs as its highest-quality option, can be even more challenging because it’s difficult to find the hardware to convert the signal correctly (and inexpensively).

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