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By Dr. Androulla Efeftheriou

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However, both can be reversed if patients stop using deferiprone. It is therefore essential that any patient using L1 is assessed for total white cell count and the number and percentage of different types of white cells (differential white cell count) every week. Patients should be checked more frequently if they show any sign of infection. At the first sign of fever, sore throat or any other indication of infection, the patient should immediately stop using deferiprone, a full blood check should be carried out and any course of antibiotics prescribed completed.

But whether the challenge is to provide patients with the drugs and pumps they need for treatment or to ensure that patients adhere to the treatment regime itself, patients will always need help and encouragement -- from national thalassaemia associations, medical staff, parents and other patients. TIF is also an important source of support, not least in helping 54 to persuade governments to back treatment and prevention programmes. Other drugs for removing iron Deferiprone (1,2 dimethyl-3-hydroxypyrid-4-one, L1) (4h) Often referred to as the pill , Deferiprone or L1 is an oral chelator, swallowed like any other pill.

Prior to the procedure, with the assistance of an ultrasound and while lying confortably on a bed the position of the liver is located within a few minutes. The bed is then moved so that the body is properly positioned underneath the SQUID. The only part of the machine touching the body is a balloon filled with warm water, which is slowly placed on the upper abdomen. While the machine makes its measurements the patient has to hold his/her breath a few times for a few seconds each time. Patients younger than 6 years may require sedation in order to keep still.

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