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Download Accommodation Coefficient of Gaseous Ions at Cathodes by Compton K.T. PDF

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By Compton K.T.

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There is a separate CRNC function controlling the resources for each cell. Each UE communicates with one SRNC function and one CRNC function. 5 depicts the case in which the resources assigned to a user are controlled by a Node B in its SRNS. In this case, its CRNC function and its SRNC function are in the same RNS. When a handover occurs that results in resources being assigned to a user in a different RNS than its SRNS, the RNS controlling the resources is known as the Drift RNS (DRNS) for the user.

Hence, the time relation between information entities (samples, packets) has to be preserved. Although the delay need not be small, delay variations must be minimal. 12 Example Mapping of Applications to Traffic Classes UMTS Services 17 access etc. The delay requirements here are rather elastic, and are only governed by the expectations of the end-user of a response time. However, the payload contents must be transferred with low or zero BER (something that is facilitated by forward or backward error correction procedures).

The physical entity which includes the transmitter and receiver functions for one cell is depicted as an ellipse in the figure. This physical entity is sometimes referred to as a base station (BS)1 . If a Node-B consists of a single BS, the terms Node-B and BS may be used interchangeably. In a UTRAN system with multiple RNSs, the RNCs of the different RNSs can communicate with each other through the Iur Interface. The Iur Interface is used to enable users to handover from the cells of a Node B in one RNS to the cells of a Node B in another RNS.

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