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By Paul Grice

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Let’s refer once again to C++. Think of cout as a simple function you have written. h> // a directive to include the header file void main() { cout << "This is C++ programming" } JavaScript has the same structure, except that only one external file is supported. Here are some disadvantages of using an external file: n No back references. As mentioned above, JavaScript scripts are mainly driven by user-initiated events. A click on a button calls a function, a selection of a form element executes another function, and so on.

Miscellaneous I have covered three important JavaScript implementations. However, like all other languages, it is obviously impossible to cover all or most of the possible scripts. You can use JavaScript to create almost anything you desire. For example, you can create an LED sign, which once could be created only with Java. Bear in mind that client-side JavaScript is executed on the user’s machine. That is, you do not have any direct access to the server’s properties with client-side JavaScript.

Js suffix to the MIME type application/x-javascript, which it sends back in the HTTP header. js filename extension to application/xjavascript, Navigator will not properly load the JavaScript file specified by the SRC attribute. In short, your server must be configured to reflect the proper MIME type; otherwise the browser does not respond properly with the data coming back in the HTTP response to the SRC-initiated request. Hiding the Script You have probably asked yourself what happens when someone loads your page with an old browser that does not support JavaScript.

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