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High-Resolution XAS/XES: Analyzing Electronic Structures of Catalysts

Photon-in-photon-out center point spectroscopy is an rising method of represent the digital constitution of catalysts and enzymes, and it's both put in or deliberate for extreme synchrotron beam strains and X-ray loose electron lasers. this sort of spectroscopy calls for high-energy solution spectroscopy not just for the incoming X-ray beam but additionally, in such a lot purposes, for the detection of the outgoing photons.

Light Metal Systems. Part 4: Selected Systems from Al-Si-Ti to Ni-Si-Ti

The current quantity within the New sequence of Landolt-Börnstein presents significantly evaluated facts on section diagrams, crystallographic and thermodynamic facts of ternary alloy platforms. trustworthy part diagrams supply fabrics scientists and engineers with easy info very important for basic study, improvement and optimization of fabrics.

Photocured Materials

Routinely, such a lot synthetically built fabrics are hardened through heating them to an increased temperature, a approach requiring quite a lot of power and area. curiosity in photograph cured fabrics utilizing UV-light is turning out to be because of simplifications in production and growing to be environmental matters; it's anticipated photocuring may perhaps lessen electrical energy intake by means of ninety% in comparison to conventional curing.

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Contour levels are in percent of peak intensity. , Ref. 59) Fig. 12 The SCUBA 91 pixel and 37 pixel NTD Ge bolometer arrays development for the James Clerk Maxwell submillimeter telescope. Cunningham and Gear, Ref. 61) 31 under (Courtesy ! u') i ! i D_ I I i q_ 0 _ ----- r_ IV , lr III I III Fig. 32 Z. 1 Fig. 33 2 03 | I::: NA- 1012 l0 8 04 P lO , 0 oO I 0 I I I ' POSITION u. _... 1,1 935-592 Fig. 34 3 Fig. 35 4 Fig. Lm) uJ Z 0 Q- 100 50 I I , 40, I 30 25, I I 20, stressed uJ 13:: Ge:Ga Ge:Ga Ge:Be Si:B " i-0 Z 0 0 0 p.

37 6 C b f g a h d e I. 1 cm _1 X B L 8611-6483 Fig. I I 0 _ 0_ IlJllll I IlUlll 0 _ I llUlll 011--I lUUlII CD _ _ I INUlII I T C_. C_I 41 Fig. I0 Z rv ::::) I I I, -b 42 r_.

8 Stress rig for uniaxially stressing Ge:Ga, a: adjusting screw, b: flat springs, c: fulcrum, d: body, e: fulcrum 3O holding pin, f: Ge:Ga photoconductor, g: stressing pistons, h: detector positioning screw. , Ref. 63) Fig. 9 Completed 5×5 stressed Ge:Ga array with light collecting cones. , Ref. 25) Fig. 10 Logarithm of the resistivity as a function of T - _/2 for ten selected NTD Ge crystals. The neutron dose and the resulting dopant concentrations are listed in Table II. (Courtesy J. Beeman, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory) Fig.

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