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By Hassan Aref and Erik van der Giessen (Eds.)

The Advances in utilized Mechanics e-book sequence attracts jointly contemporary major advances in numerous themes in utilized mechanics. released seeing that 1948, Advances in utilized Mechanics goals to supply authoritative evaluation articles on themes within the mechanical sciences, basically of curiosity to scientists and engineers operating within the numerous branches of mechanics, but in addition of curiosity to the various who use the result of investigations in mechanics in a number of program parts corresponding to aerospace, chemical, civil, environmental, mechanical and nuclear engineering. .Covers all fields of the mechanical sciences .Highlights classical and sleek components of mechanics which are prepared for evaluate .Provides entire insurance of the sector in query

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For the order of error O[(D/R)2] [around 16% for the (5,5) armchair CNT], Peng et al. (2008) showed that the thickness obtained from the critical buckling loads for compression, torsion, and external pressure are different such that a universal constant thickness cannot be defined for the order of error O[(D/R)2]. Based on the order of tension, bending and coupling rigidities in Eq. 1), the membrane energy 12 « : L : «, bending energy 12 k : S : k and coupling energy ½rVŠL 2 ½rVŠL 2 D e : H : k are on the order of ½rVŠL S0 ½«Š ; S0 ½kDŠ and S0 ½«Š½kDŠ R, respectively.

24). The comparison of the external buckling pressure in Eq. 23) with that for an orthotropic thin shell " pcritical #   Á h2 E2 h mpR 4 À 2 E1 h ¼ 4 2 þ n À1 12R2 ð1 À n12 n21 ÞR n ðn À 1ÞR L also gives the same thickness in Eq. 24). This is mainly because all buckling loads depend on the bending rigidity tensor S only via a single component Syyyy. ffi pffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffiffi Thus, a universal constant shell thickness h ¼ 12Syyyy =Lyyyy can be defined, albeit for a positively large error of order O(D/R) [around 40% for the (5,5) armchair CNT].

D : Â 1þO R It depends on the bending rigidity tensor S only via a single component, Syyyy. (ii) Torsion. For a CNT of radius R and length L subject to a torque T, the velocity at the onset of buckling is nonuniform, and can be expressed as J. Wu et al. 21) where n ¼ 1, 2, 3, ... , m ¼ 1, 2, 3, ... , and the coefficients Vy0,VZ0,VR0 are to be determined. The substitution of above velocity into the incremental equilibrium equation yields the linear algebraic equations for Vy0,VZ0,VR0. The vanishing of its determinant gives the governing equation for the critical buckling torque Tcritical.

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