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Download AJS Review Volume Seven-Eight 1982-1983 by Frank Talmage PDF

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By Frank Talmage

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141,n. 13. 22 GERALD J. BLIDSTEIN C asserts thatIsraelis commanded a king, he SinceR. " is,however, ofR. How didtheIsraelites rushmatters? hardto fathom. Contemporaries of thatthemonarchy itself wasnotthesubject Judah (equallyconfident divinedisapproval) causesforGod'sdispleasure. "7 A numberof possibleinterpretations do suggestthemselves, though LouisGinzberg theaccusanonearedecisively hascompared convincing. tionplacedintheprophet "BeholdnowI Samuel'smouthbypseudo-Philo: norofbuildseethatthereis notyetforusthetimeofa perpetual kingdom, the as theydesirea kingbefore ingthehouseoftheLordourGod,inasmuch R.

Simeonb. " "Ye shall seek His habitation'-Thereforetheprophetsand sages ... In MidrashShemu'el,p. 94, thehomilyelsewhereattributedto R. Simeon b. Yohai (see n. 41, above) concludeswitha morehistorically personalizedversionof theabove ("all those. fellbecausetheydid not demandthe building of the Temple ... all the moreso oughtwe, therefore theprophetsand sages ordained.. See also MidrashTehillim,and Z. M. Rabinowitz,GinzeiMidrash(Tel-Aviv,1977),p. 204. Yet the faultof David's menlay not onlyin theirflawedprayer,and one wonderswhetherDavid himself,who is also blamed fornot "demanding"a Temple(Pesiqta Rabbati, p.

In the land whichthe Lord ... hathgiventheeforan inheritanceto possess it,thatthou shaltblot out the remembranceof Amalek . Thisteachesthattheydid youbuttheyhaverejected notrequesta kingfor. butasked for. a kingforthemselves... as itsays, ". Mostsignificantly, thisrejected viewisphrased interminology identicalwith thetannaitic materials considered thusconfirming earlier, Epstein's anddemonstrating thatthetiming oftheseobligations wasinfact analysis anissuefortannaitic sages. wefind hereanexplicit tannaitic claimthatbuilding theSanctuSecond, thecrowning ofa king.

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