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Download al-Murshid: A Guide to Modern Standard Arabic Grammar for by Laila Al-Sawi, Iman Saad PDF

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By Laila Al-Sawi, Iman Saad

This grammar e-book is meant for intermediate freshmen of contemporary typical Arabic. It covers the details that they should grasp at this point to arrange them for the subsequent point of talent. each one lesson within the booklet starts with a short assertion and rationalization of a grammar rule through forms of routines.
The workout part of the teachings starts with mechanical drills (some of that have illustrations) for perform of the grammar aspect of the lesson. on the finish, there are writing routines that let rookies to supply the language freely whereas nonetheless requiring them to take advantage of the lesson's grammar.
The ebook is observed by way of a CD with PowerPoint displays illustrating the grammar ideas defined within the classes, and interactive drills. This very functional textbook presents an excellent, versatile device for a grammar-based method of educating MSA.

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Shun-mur shurhoh] UIOP{}q beginner chūxuézhĕ [choo-yeweh-jur] wer behind zài‑... hòumian [dzaiâ•‚... hoh-myen] ~ ... $% behind me zài wŏ hòumian [wor] ^&*( believe xiāngxìn [hsyang-hsin] )_ below* zài‑... xiàmian [dzaiâ•‚... hsyah-myen] + ... 23 (less than) zài‑... yĭxià [yeehsyah] 4 ... 89 belt yāodài [yow-dai] 0bend (in road) lùwánr [loowahnr] =\Q berth (on train) wòpù [wor-poo] WE beside: beside theâ•‚... zài‑... pángbiān [dzaiâ•‚... pahng-byen] R ... IO P{ better: even better gèng hăo [gung how] }q a bit better hăo yì diănr [dyenr] wert are you feeling better?

Zài nĕige fāngxiàng? [dzai nay-gur] ertyui is it in this direction? shì zhèige fāngxiàng ma? [shur jay-gur – mah] op[]ASD FG dirt wūgòu [woo-goh] HJ dirty zāng [dzahng] K disabled cánfèi [tsahn-fay] L: is there access for the disabled? yŏu cánjirén de tōngdào ma? [you tsahn-jee–run dur toong-dow mah] [rwahn-pahn] @# [dzai yew-ahn-choo] |`1 district dìqū [dee-chew] 23 disturb dárăo [dah-row] 45 divorced líhūn [lee-hun] 67 dizzy: I feel dizzy wŏ tóuyūn [wor toh-yewn] 890 do (verb) zuò [dzwor] what shall we do?

Kwai-lur] }qwe 52 church jiàotáng [jyow-tahng] rt cigar xuĕjiā [hsyew-eh-jyah] yu cigarette xiāngyān [hsyang-yen] io cinema diànyĭng yuàn [dyenying yew-ahn] p[] circle yuánquān [ywahn-kwahn] AS (in theatre) lóutīng [loh-ting] DF city chéngshì [chung-shur] GH city centre shì zhōngxīn [shur joong-hsin] JKL clean (adj) gānjìng [gahn-jing] :" can you clean these for me? nĭ néng tì wŏ xĭyixĭ, ma? [nung tee wor hshee-yee-hshee mah] asdfghjl; clear (water) qīngchè [chingchur] ~! (speech, writing) qīngxī [chinghshee] @# (obvious) míngxiăn [–hsyen] $% clever cōngming [tsoong-ming] ^& *( climbing páshān [pah-shahn] )_ clinic zhénsuŏ [jun-swor] +| cloakroom yīmàojiān [yeemow-jyen] `12 clock zhōng [joong] 3 close (verb) guān [gwahn] 4 dialogue what time do you close?

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