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Download An Introduction to Persian by W. M. Thackston PDF

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By W. M. Thackston

A entire grammar of contemporary, classical & colloquial Persian. comprises word list. Accompanying set of tapes valuable for pronunciation is obtainable.

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Vie-yow-mehr eh-low-heem yeh-hee rah-qee-ah beh-towkh hah-mahyeem vee-hee mahv-deel beyn mah-yeem lah-mah-yeem 7. vie-yah-ahs eh-low-heem eht hah-rah-qee-ah vie-yahv-deyl beyn hah-mah-yeem ah-shehr mee-tah-chaht lah-rah-qeeah uw-veyn hah-mah-yeem ah-shehr mey-ahl lah-rah-qeeah vie-hee kheyn 8. vie-yeeq-rah eh-low-heem lah-rah-qeeah shah-mah-yeem vie-hee eh-rehv vie-hee vow-qehr yowm shey-nee 9. vie-yow-mehr eh-low-heem yee-qahvvuw hah-mah-yeem mee-tah-chaht hah-shah-mah-yeem ehl mah-qowm eh-chahd veh-tey-rah-eh hie-yah-bah-shah viehee kheyn 10.

LW ~yid][A{ml. ek-yihy. yeB lyiDb. r ~Ay r,q{b-yihy. ;w b,r,[-yihy. w ~yiM;Y;B ~Iy;M;h-t,a yivyimx] ~Ay r,q{b-yihy. ;w b,r,[-yihy. ek-yihy. ek-yihy. l b,fe[ bAj-heNihw. r;Y;w 31 yiViV;h ~Ay r,q{b-yihy. ;w b,r,[-yihy. m 48 Learn to Read Biblical Hebrew Transliteration 1. bey-rey-sheet bah-rah eh-lo-heem eyt hah-shah-mahyeem veh-eyt hah-ah-rets 2. veh-hah-ah-rets hie-tah towhuw vah-vow-huw veh-chow-shekh ahl peh-ney teh-howm veh-ruw-ahch eh-low-heem meh-rah-cheh-pheht ahl pehney hah-mah-yeem 3. vie-yow-mehr eh-low-heem yeh-hee owr vie-hee owr 4.

When the conjuction w (meaning "and") is prefixed to a verb, the tense is reversed. While rmXa means "I will guard" (imperfect tense), rmXaw becomes "I guarded" (perfect tense). While ytrmX means "I gaurded" (perfect tense), ytrmXw becomes "I will guard" (imperfect tense). Verb Subjects (Perfect Tense) Singular Plural Masculine I We yit-Wn-You You t' -~,t-He They -W-Feminine I We y-Wn-You You t. ,t-She They h"-W-Verb Subjects (Imperfect Tense) Singular Plural Masculine I We --a --n You You --t W--t He They --y W--y Feminine I We --a --n You You y--t hn--t She They --t hn--t 58 Learn to Read Biblical Hebrew Part 4 Translating Lessons ______________________________________________ Your next step in Biblical Hebrew studies is to learn sentence and word structure.

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