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By L. J. Amstutz

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Until the age of puberty, children’s heads were often shaven except for one long piece of hair on the side. HOUSE AND HOME While pharaohs built huge palaces, most Egyptians lived in simple homes made of mud mixed with straw or sand to form bricks. Roofs were made of brick or wooden beams covered by reed mats and mud. Doors were made of papyrus. 1 In the worker village of Akhetaten, workers’ homes contained four rooms, with a staircase leading to the roof or possibly to a second floor. A wall surrounded all but the very poorest homes.

The fine, lightweight cloth felt pleasant in the hot climate. Most was white. indd 48 10/30/14 9:28 AM mineral dyes, but this was an expensive luxury. Cotton was not an option until Roman times. The Egyptians wore wool occasionally. Wealthy men and kings often wore a linen kilt, or skirt, that reached to the knee. Peasants simply wore loincloths. Babies generally wore nothing at all, and children did not wear clothes until puberty. Most people wore sandals made of rush or papyrus. The Egyptians loved jewelry.

Artists did not sign their work. Egyptians sometimes painted items such as pottery and furniture, usually with religious scenes. indd 59 10/30/14 9:29 AM GLASSMAKING The ancient Egyptians created beautiful beads, figures, tiles, and other items from glass as early as 1250 BCE. To make the glass, they heated silica and ash to a high temperature, then crushed and washed the mixture before coloring it and melting it again. The molten glass was poured into molds to form chunks called ingots. These were later melted down again and shaped into their final form.

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