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By DK Publishing

From morning to dead night, those superbly illustrated courses invite readers to spend an afternoon with the animals and crops that inhabit the world's such a lot interesting environments.

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Scavenger An animal that feeds on the carcasses of other animals, or on human garbage. Whelping patch A sheet of pack ice where a large group of female seals gather to give birth to their pups. The publisher would like to thank the following for their kind permission to reproduce their photographs: Alamy Images: Arco Images 29br, 38tc, 42tr; Juniors Bildarchiv 13tr, 31tr, 31br; blickwinkel 19tr, 28tr, 33crb; Steve Bloom Images 3, 5c, 14-15, 40, 40-41; Bryan And Cherry Alexander Photography 3, 7tr, 17tl, 18-19c, 22tr, 24, 24-25, 35br, 43tr, 43cr; Mark Duffy 7br; David Fleetham 20tl; Image State 13cr; Steven J.

Glaucous gulls can’t kill seals, but they scavenge on dead ones. On land, Arctic foxes can be found hanging around polar bears. When food is very, very scarce, they sometimes eat bears’ droppings. Wolverines are well suited to scavenging— their powerful jaws and strong neck muscles allow them to crush bones and bite through frozen flesh. Midnight Animals who spend their lives in the Arctic use up lots of energy just keeping warm, as well as moving around finding This sleepy fox tucks his wet nose under his tail for warmth.

Although we think of seals as their main food, some experts believe that up to ten percent of their diet is made of whale meat. Scavenging means eating dead animals or human garbage. Scavenger hunt Glaucous gulls are very large birds. Ravens are skilled scavengers that are often found picking at the carcasses of seals and caribou. It’s not only polar bears that eat seals. Glaucous gulls can’t kill seals, but they scavenge on dead ones. On land, Arctic foxes can be found hanging around polar bears.

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