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Download Are Lobsters Ambidextrous?: An Imponderables Book by David Feldman PDF

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By David Feldman

Ponder, for those who will ... Has a person ever obvious a stay Cornish video game rooster? Why do quarterbacks say ''Hut''? Why do ''sea'' gulls congregate in parking plenty of buying facilities? What does the ''Q'' in Q-Tips stand for?

Pop tradition guru David Feldman demystifies those questions and lots more and plenty extra in Are Lobsters Ambidextrous? a part of the Imponderables® series—the unchallenged resource of solutions to civilization's daily mysteries—and charmingly illustrated by means of Kassie Schwan, this booklet will give you info that encyclopedias, dictionaries, and almanacs simply shouldn't have. and give it some thought, the place else are you going to determine what occurs to the caffeine left over from making decaffeinated coffee?

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Emil S. Dickstein of Youngstown, Ohio. Why do dogs drool? And why do some dogs drool much more than other dogs? In order to execute a proper drool, a dog must have two weapons at its disposal: a lot of saliva and a lot of lip. Getting a dog to salivate is as easy as exposing it to food—the smell of it, the taste of it, the anticipation of it, the consumption of it—and, as Pavlov proved, to any conditioned reflexes associated with feeding. Drooling is simply the inability of a dog to dam the flood of saliva it manufactures.

In the case of “layered” fillings, there are two bands, one on top of the other. ” The actual enrobing process begins when these centers pass through a continuous curtain of liquid chocolate, which coats the top and sides of the bar. At the same time, a rotating chocolate-covered wheel beneath the mesh belt coats the base of the bar. To ensure an attractive, glossy, smooth coating, the chocolate must be at just the right temperature. The fully enrobed bar is then cooled and prepared for wrapping.

Swanson introduced the first microwavable double-crusted pie on the market in 1989. While developing the product, Swanson determined that the pie baked better without the vent holes. ” One of the side benefits of eliminating the vent holes, if not the original rationale, is that it eliminates spillage of the filling during baking. We’d add another reason. Even with the vent holes, fewer things are more capable of burning the roof of the mouth than the insides of a pot pie. Anything that allows the pot pie to “let off steam” can’t be all bad.

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