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By Isaac Asimov

Asimov tells the tales at the back of the technological know-how: the lads and girls who made the real discoveries and the way they did it. starting from Galilei, Achimedes, Newton and Einstein, he's taking the main advanced techniques and explains it in any such manner first-time reader at the topic feels convinced on his/her figuring out.

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The forces of nature are personified and become gods. The myths react on one another, are built up and improved by generations of myth tellers until the original point may be obscured. Some myths may degenerate into pretty stories (or ribald ones), whereas others may gain an ethical content important enough to make them meaningful within the framework of a major religion. Just as art may be fine or applied, so may mythology. Myths may be maintained for their esthetic charm or bent to the physical uses of human beings.

By 1830, the solar system was known to stretch across billions of miles of space, but obviously this was by no means the full size of the universe. There were still the stars. THE FARTHER STARS The stars might, of course, still exist as tiny objects set into the solid vault of the sky that formed the boundary of the universe just outside the extreme limits of the solar system. Until about 1700, this remained a rather respectable view, although there were some scholars who did not agree. As early as 1440, a German scholar, Nicholas of Cusa, maintained that space was infinite, and that the stars were suns stretching outward in all directions without limit, each with a retinue of inhabited planets, That the stars did not look like suns but appeared as tiny specks of light, he attributed to their great distance.

And now we have the new inflationary universe, new theories on the end of the dinosaurs, on quarks, gluons, as welI as unified field theories, magnetic monopoles, the energy crisis, home computers, robots, punctuated evolution, oncogenes, and on, and on, and on. So it is time for another new edition, the fourth; and since for each edition, I always change the name, I shall do so again. It is now Asimov’s New Guide to Science. ISAAC ASIMOV New York 1984 Chapter 1What is Science? Almost in the beginning was curiosity.

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