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Download At Home in Her Tomb by Christine Liu-Perkins,Sarah S. Brannen PDF

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By Christine Liu-Perkins,Sarah S. Brannen

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This caused the sap to polymerize (undergo a chemical reaction in which small molecules bond together to form larger molecules) and transform into lacquer. Artisans applied multiple thin coats of lacquer to a core of wood, clay, fabric, or bamboo, letting each layer dry before applying the next. They then painted the object with colored lacquer or tung oil (an oil from nuts of the tung tree that hardens into a waterproof coating). A few special objects, such as Lady Dai’s cosmetic containers, were decorated with gold leaf.

A painting on silk depicted the cosmos, including heaven. The son’s tomb also supplied a document for the underworld bureaucracy—a wooden letter intended for the Lord of the Dead. 28 • At Home in Her Tomb What happens to us after we die? Does a part of us continue living? Is there an afterlife? Throughout history people all over the globe have come up with different answers to these questions. Other questions involve the relationship between the living and the dead. How do we deal with the pain of missing loved ones?

If the po stayed, the tomb became its underground home. Although it could no longer make the body move or think, the po still needed to be kept happy and comfortable; otherwise it could return to the land of the living as an angry demon. There were various ways to appease the po. One was to bury in the grave such necessities as food, dishes, clothes, money, and models of servants and houses. Another was to protect the body from decay. Yet another was to regularly offer food and other items at the family shrine.

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