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Download Be Your Own Auto Repair Technician by Joseph Miller PDF

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By Joseph Miller

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Contest holders often place restrictions on such modification to prevent unfair advantages. Car modding Tuned Kia Rio, with bespoke alloys, spoiler and tinted glass Car modding is when a vehicle (usually a passenger car) is modified in an attempt to make it look better, to have better performance, or both. Major areas of modification include engine performance tuning, suspension enhancement or modification, exterior modification, and interior modification. Areas of modification Engine tuning Engine tuning involves modifications designed to increase the power of the engine.

For example, a hydropneumatic Citroën will "know" how far off the ground the car is supposed to be and constantly reset to achieve that level, regardless of load. It will not instantly compensate for body roll due to cornering however. Citroën's system adds about 1% to the cost of the car versus passive steel springs. Fully active suspensions use electronic monitoring of vehicle conditions, coupled with the means to impact vehicle suspension and behavior in real time to directly control the motion of the car.

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