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By Ben Aaronovitch

Ben Aaronovitch has stormed the bestseller record together with his incredible London crime sequence. a special mix of police procedural, loving element concerning the maximum personality of all, London, and a touch of the supernatural.

A mutilated physique in Crawley. one other killer at the unfastened. The best suspect is one Robert Weil; an affiliate of the twisted magician referred to as the Faceless guy? or simply a typical or backyard serial killer?
Before laptop Peter supply can get his head around the case a city planner going lower than a tube educate and a stolen grimoire are including to his case-load.
So some distance so London.
But then Peter will get note of whatever very atypical taking place in Elephant and chateau, on an housing property designed via a nutter, equipped through charlatans and inhabited by way of the actually desperate.
Is there a connection?
And if there's, why oh why did it need to be South of the River?

Full of heat, sly humour and a wealthy cornucopia of items you by no means knew approximately London, Aaronovitch's sequence has quickly extra Grant's magical London to Rebus' Edinburgh and Morse's Oxford as a vacation spot of selection should you love their crime with whatever a bit additional.

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