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By Marilyn Burns

Textual content, illustrations, and instructed actions supply a commonsense method of mathematic basics when you are a bit of afraid of numbers.

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Right? To get 144, you can multip ly 12 by 12; 441 is 21 times 21. And 12 and 21 are the reverse of each other as well ! This happe ns for 169 and 961 also, 13x13 ::169 31x31 =961 It turns out that 12 and 13 are the only two· digit numbe rs that act this way, There are larger numbe rs that act I1ke this , howev er, 112 x 112 :: 12,544 211 x 211 = 44 ,521 Check this arithm etic with your calculato r. Can you find any other square s that have this unusu al trait? Number8 Can Be Triangular Too Numbers come in shapes other than squares.

The difference is that you double the digit before adding its right-hand neighbor to it (except for the final digit). So to multiply 564 x 12, follow these steps: 1. To get the ones digit, double the - nes digit in the number you're multiplying by 12 : 8, 2. For the next digit in the answer, take the 6 and double It, then add it to its right-hand neighbor : 12 + 4 = 16. Write the 6 and carry the 1; now you have 68. 3. For the next digit, take the 5 in the number, double it, then add it to Us right-hand neighbor, which is 6: 10 + 6 = 16.

Anl1le rin5" and reinforce Itb4taQing each l'iinge on the outside . Jle rin)')~ with the re"jof th e srnps. "-'Iou Should have six nn155 when you're done . 5 . Tape four ring;, mgetner from oolslde 35 shown. ": wobbl4 cube by adding a nno to the top and one tti the tlotrom. Hint; There:' always a way to hold the wobbly cube 50 the p ieces you're tapin,i; w ill lie Hat. When 400 nave finished, explore the d Ifferlent shapes It can fold Into. down firm Iy 50 the tape. : ] Testing Your Geometry Memory Remembering shapes in geom etry isn't very hard for most people, except perhaps the stop-sign shape.

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