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By Tatsumi,Kida

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When that happens, a good leader pushes back and challenges them. In fact, he believes that everyone in an organization has a positive obligation to pose this kind of challenge—not only peer-to-peer and down the ladder, but also up the ladder. This doesn’t mean that an effective leader treats the pros disrespectfully. But the leader must also be fully prepared to assert that the pros can be wrong—that they can make ill-advised decisions, act inappropriately, or inadvertently give bad advice. Here are three ways to encourage challenges within your organization: Tolerate rebels: If you’re going to be speaking out, you need to be helping others speak out, too.

Leaders who view the world positively and confidently tend to infuse their people with the same attitude. ” In other words, leaders who persist in seeing the world negatively are very likely to demoralize, demotivate, and undermine the effectiveness of their colleagues. Leaders don’t have to smile through their tears or shrug off their frustrations. But the leader who begins and ends the day by saying things like we can change things here, we can achieve awesome results, or we can be the best is likely to bring a lot of people along with him or her.

46 Expect camaraderie ✓Prepare to be lonely “C ommand is lonely,” declares Powell. At the end of the day, after a leader has listened, collaborated, delegated, and empowered, it’s time for him or her—nobody else—to make the decisive and critical decisions. It’s time to set the right course of action, inspire hope and confidence, bless the right initiatives, anoint the right people, define the right standards, and define the right metrics. In other words, it’s time to show true leadership. Your decisions may reflect input from many people, but they’re your actions.

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