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By Marcel Florkin; Elmer H Stotz

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E8ters Sugar esters are relatively easy to prepare and in many instances are highly crystalline substances. The sugar normally reacts in the ring form. Consequently they are important in synthetic operations involving structural studies on monosaccharides, and also for the isolation and identification of sugars. They may be prepared by treatment of the sugar with the acid chloride or anhydride and a catalyst. The latter may be basic such as pyridine and sodium acetate, or acidic, for example zinc chloride and sulphuric acid.

OH ninhydrin .. linose 11Hz ON (CCXXIII) liberation of ammonia and fission of the C-C link. Careful control of the oxidation conditions is necessary to prevent over-oxidation 1oob• The purple colour given by z-amino-z-deoxy-sugars with Erhlich's reagent References p. 63 THE MONOSACCHARIDES (p-dimethylamino-benzaldehyde) has been developed as a colorimetric method (Elson-Morgan reaction) for the quantitative estimation of glucos- I I I CHNH. CHO CHOH CHO I . + NHa I amine and galactosamine 101 • It should be noted that 4-0-methyl-substituted derivatives do not give a purple colour with this reagent.

This may also be accompanied by isolation of the carbohydrate fragment which remains after release of the above fragments. ethyl-D-glucose 9lJ>CH3 OCH3 o~ Methyl «-D-glucopyranoside o ell ,OV::-°\U. 4 -Tri-O-methyl-OxylOse o~ 3~ =0 H-C-OC~ ~ ety>-~-H I H-C-OCH3 ° HO OCH;, OH CHR OC~ - OeH3 Methyl «-O-tructoturanoside eOOH I C~O-T-H H-T-OC~ eOOH O(-)-Dimethoxy succinic acid Refel'ences p. 6-tetraO-metlT(l-a-O-tructoside CHP\V~~=O '~ OCH3 2,3,5-TrI-O-methylO-arabonolactone H+ =0 3 oe~ iso-XylotrlmethoKYsaccharic acid HOI1fGHflH~CHpH2Q NaOH QH 0 \.

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