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Download Carlson’s Marine Raiders: Makin Island 1942 by Gordon L. Rottman PDF

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By Gordon L. Rottman

В ночь на 17-18 августа 1942 года, 211 бойцов 2-го батальона морской пехоты США провели дерзкую десантную вылазку на оккупированный японцами остров Макин

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They had moved to within 500yds of the reef line and ran their engines continuously to hold their position. Lookouts scanned the darkness for enemy ships. The shore could only be made out by the surging white breaker line. No doubt there were individual concerns, but as a unit they were ready come-what-may. They had trained long and hard and wanted to prove what the Raiders could do and to prove themselves as men. ” Getting out of the “iron coffins” reinforced their enthusiasm. On the rolling submarines the Raiders struggled to drag the bundled boats out of the external torpedo-storage tubes and to pull weapons, ammunition boxes, medical supplies, litters, fuel cans, and 40lb motors out of the spray-filled hatches.

There were many native huts scattered throughout the area, especially in the Butaritari Village area and to the northeast. Sheds were adjacent to the wharfs and piers along the lagoon-side road. com Carlson’s Marine Raiders attracted attention. Medical personnel ripped off their red-cross armbands. The Raiders had simply not been trained to search the tall trees for snipers. It was during this time that Sgt Thomason was killed while maneuvering his men and directing their fire, trying to instill confidence by exposing himself to enemy fire.

The code word “BOSMA” was used to clear the net for the task-unit HQ to make emergency broadcasts. Spare batteries were carried for each radio. Each company carried an Aldis “blinker” lamp to leave with the boats. ” 7 Carlson had sole control of the task unit once they departed the submarines. The Navy task-group commander could order Carlson to return to the submarines if it was deemed necessary for them to depart. The Navy commander promised Carlson that they would not depart without making every effort to recover all the Raiders.

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