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Logic, Meaning, and Conversation: Semantical Underdeterminacy, Implicature, and Their Interface

This clean examine the philosophy of language specializes in the interface among a concept of literal that means and pragmatics--a philosophical exam of the connection among that means and language use and its contexts. right here, Atlas develops the distinction among verbal ambiguity and verbal generality, works out an in depth concept of conversational inference utilizing the paintings of Paul Grice on Implicature as a kick off point, and provides an account in their interface for instance of the connection among Chomsky's Internalist Semantics and Language functionality.

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As soon as the distance of the source from the counter exceeded the range of the alpha particles in air, the sparks ceased. This is a simple way of measuring the range. II. The sparks stopped as soon as a piece of paper was 62 [NOTES I inserted between the source and the spark counter. Alpha particles cannot penetrate through paper. 12. The sparks were random in time: sometimes they were close together, sometimes there was a longer interval between them. 13. Many luminous watches give off alpha and beta particles, of which the beta particles only pass through the glass.

A cobalt-60 source is very much cheaper and has an equivalent radiation. The photograph on the bottom of the opposite page shows a cobait-60 source being put in position to photograph a welded seam in a 76-mm thick steel boiler drum. This is typical of the economies that are made possible 58 USES OF RADIOISOTOPES by using radioisotopes and there are many more examples. Suppose a leak develops somewhere along a pipeline buried beneath the ground. By traditional methods it would have been necessary to dig up the pipe, perhaps over many miles, to find the leak.

The radiation can attack and kill malignant cells. However, radium is very expensive, and various radioisotopes such as cobalt-60 can be used instead. The photograph opposite shows a patient undergoing treatment in a cobalt therapy unit. Unfortunately, the radiation not only kills harmful cells but can also damage healthy living material. Particular care must therefore be taken in the application of the radiation. By rotating the source it is possible to ensure that surrounding areas receive only the minimum radiation.

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