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By Kai Lai Chung

This ebook starts off with a old essay entitled "Will the solar upward thrust Again?" and ends with a common handle entitled "Mathematics and Applications". The articles conceal an engaging diversity of subject matters: combinatoric percentages, classical restrict theorems, Markov chains and techniques, strength concept, Brownian movement, Schrödinger–Feynman difficulties, and so forth. They comprise many addresses offered at overseas meetings and precise seminars, in addition to memorials to and recollections of popular modern mathematicians and stories in their works. infrequent previous pictures of a lot of them liven up the e-book.

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328-338. 338 Reprinted from the Annals of Mathematical Statistics, Vol. 13, No. 3, 1942. 31 32 MUTUALLY FAVORABLE EVENTS 339 U v(vi i "2) = P W , we say that En is indifferent to E„2 . „2 . Thus the relations "favorableness," "indifference," and "unfavorableness" are mutually exclusive and together exhaustive. We state the following immediate consequences: (i) Refiexity: An event is favorable to itself; in fact, p(v, v) = 1 > p(v). (ii) Symmetry: If Ex is favorable (indifferent, unfavorable) to E2, then E2 is favorable (indifferent, unfavorable) to Ex.

R_l)'r = Pl---r, by an easy modification of Poincare's formula. Next consider a fixed p ^ r + 1. iM-i)'/i, where Qii, • • • , jus) is a combination out of (1, • • • , r); and it appears exactly once with the sign (—1)\ Their total contribution is therefore — P(r+l)'---((i-l)V + 2rf V'l (>•+«'• ••(JI-D'JI — Z-i P»;>'i(r+»'---(M-l)'/i + - - ' J-l >'lt»'2 + ( by another application r + 1, • • • , n, we obtain (19) — \r-1 1 ) ' Pl'---(M+U'd of Poincare's formula. — ( p i . . r ( r + l ) + Pl... r ( r +l)'(r + 2) + ••• + = ~~ Pl"-r(r+l)'---Gu-l)' M > Summing up for /J.

207-209. , Vol. 183 (1941), p . 103. Postscript. This paper was a "take-off" of an earlier one cited in footnote 3) above. The latter was my first non-Chinese publication written c. 1940, after seeing Rohrbach's paper in the Crelle journal in a little reading room where some current periodicals were on display, in Kunming China. Later in 1958,1 took a Rhine river boat from Koblenz to Mainz to visit Rohrbach. Owing to low tide I arrived too late to be met at the wharf. The Rohrbachs gave me a very kind reception.

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