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Castaways of the Image Planet: Movies, Show Business, Public Spectacle

One in all our greatest cultural critics the following collects 16 years' worthy of essays on movie and pop culture. themes diversity from the discovery of cinema to modern F-X aesthetics, from Shakespeare on movie to Seinfeld, and we contain essays on 30's screwball comedies, Hong Kong Martial Arts video clips, to the roots of secret agent video clips and the televising of Clinton's grand jury testimony.

The Savage God: A Study of Suicide

Utilizing the premature demise of the poet and pal, Sylvia Plath, as some degree of departure, Al Alvarez confronts the debatable and infrequently taboo sector of human behaviour: suicide. The Savage God explores the cultural attitudes, theories, truths and fallacies surrounding suicide and refracts them throughout the home windows of philosophy, paintings and literature: following the black thread major from Dante, via Donne, Chatterton and the Romantic affliction, to Dada and Pavese.

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