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By Robert Asprin, Jody Lynn Nye

A new MYTH-filled with examining, writing, and arithMYTHtic.

The "legendary" magician Skeeve attempts to stay as much as his recognition by means of education younger spellcasters within the tips of the trade-with lower than magical effects.

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It had been months since I'd seen him. ” he muttered shyly. ” I glanced back over my shoulder and saw that Bee and the Pervects had followed me into the room. Chumley, like most Trolls from the dimension of Trollia, tended to conceal his intelligence, lest the whole package overwhelm denizens of more insecure dimensions. He supplied hired muscle on a freelance basis under the nom de guerre of Big Crunch. Crunch, unlike Chumley, who was extremely well educated and possessed an erudite manner of speaking, expressed himself mainly in monosyllables.

Since becoming Lady Magician to the Court of Possiltum, Queen Hemlock presiding, and marrying the ex-general of its army, Massha had actually toned down the shock value, but the package was still an impressive one. She was one of my best and most trusted friends, so it didn't take her long to guess that I had something on my mind. ” she asked, directing me and my party to cushiony divans that took up most of the spare living space in her and Hugh Badaxe's cosy love nest. The cottage, occupying a corner of the courtyard in the center of the castle environs, actually had fewer square feet than the Court Magician's apartments itself, but with no shared walls to the rest of the castle it had the benefit of privacy.

Chances are now very good that Lady Melgarie's father is going to send an armed party out in search of the magician who kidnapped his daughter and threw a madness spell on her. ” Pologne asked. ” “That's because we had the element of surprise,” I said, trying to keep my temper. ” “We could take off our disguises,” Jinetta said. “That'd surprise them. And we can knock most of them out using magik. We play demon-volleyball. ” I sighed. “And that would just increase the size of the mob after us. Look, you want practical instruction?

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