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By E. Eguchi

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Measured output voltages for Mode-2 Vin1 Vout Mode-3 Mode-3 GND of CH1 Vin2 Avg. 14V Vout GND of CH2 (a) Vout vs. Vin1 GND of CH1 Avg. 13V GND of CH2 (b) Vout vs. Vin2 Fig. 12. Measured output voltages for Mode-3 reduction of hardware cost and 16% extension of input range. Furthermore, the derived theoretical formulas can provide basic information to design serial SC DC-DC converters, because theoretical results corresponded well with SPICE simulation results. The proposed converter will be useful as a driver circuit of white LEDs for display back-lighting.

The circuit properties of the proposed serial converter will be described in the following section. 3. Theoretical Analysis First, the equivalent circuit of the proposed converter is analyzed. To save space, only the analysis for Mode-1 is described in this section 4 . In the theoretical analysis, we assume that 1. parasitic elements are negligibly small and 2. time constant is much larger than the period of clock pulses. Figure 5 shows instantaneous equivalent circuits of the proposed converter.

8 V, and 0 V, respectively. A dual-input DC-DC converter using clean energy power supplies 29 Power efficiency (%) 100 90 80 70 60 50 Simulated (Mode-1) 40 Simulated (Mode-2) Simulated (Mode-3) 30 Theoretical (Mode-1) Theoretical (Mode-2) Theoretical (Mode-3) 20 10 0 1 10 100 Output load RL 1000 (Ω) Fig. 9. Power efficiency as function of output load R L Vin1 Mode-1 Vin2 GND of CH1 Vout Avg. 21V GND of CH2 (a) Vout vs. Vin1 Mode-1 GND of CH1 Vout Avg. 20V GND of CH2 (b) Vout vs. Vin2 Fig. 10. Measured output voltages for Mode-1 As these figures show, the circuit design of the proposed converter is appropriate, because the stepped-up voltage about 5 V can be generated 7 .

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