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5), except for one of the Hamamatsu PMTs (ZC9957) and the Electron Tubes (D844WSB) PMT. The former was an example of the tubes that would be rejected, the latter had high dark current possibly due to its high gain. Dark current measurements were not conclusive in our comparison. 6: Block diagram of Hamamatsu E2624MOD resistive base. 3 Current Gain The HF calorimeter dynamic range requires that the gain of the PMTs should be set to low values. The expected Cherenkov light intensity generated in quartz fibers and the input requirements for the readout electronics limit the PMT gain to be adjusted to the 104 range.

27: Double pulse linearity plot for a Photonis PMT. 28: Double pulse linearity tests for Hamamatsu and Electron Tubes PMTs.

E. 1: Summary of the specifications for the HF PMTs. spread), gain, dark current [20], linearity [21], single photoelectron resolution spectrum [22], and spatial uniformity of the photocathode surface [23]. Most of the parameters were measured at a nominal PMT gain of 104 − 105 , since the HF PMT readout system was designed to accept low amplitude signals. 2: Candidate PMTs and the manufacturers. With the expected Cherenkov light intensity and the required photocathode quantum efficiency, this gain will be sufficient to generate an output pulse compatible with the readout system requirements of the HF calorimeter.

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