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Download Complete Idiot's Guide to Learning French on Your Own by Gail Stein PDF

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By Gail Stein

Idiot-proof and unique steps for studying French quickly. effortless tools for studying idioms and slang phrases utilized by local audio system. beneficial cultural tips for tourists and others.

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The majority of French verbs fall into one of three families: the er family, the ir family, and the re family. This concept is foreign to us, since English has borrowed so much from so many different languages that no “verb families” exist. For now, you will see that the largest French family, by far, is the er family. Any verbs belonging to a family are considered regular, while those that do not belong to a family are designated as irregular. Each family has its own set of rules, which will be explained in Chapter 7.

If this is you, you're in good company. Consider my former college French literature teacher, a Rhodes scholar from Oxford University, who later went on to become chairman of the Romance Language Department. He was charming, interesting, sweet, very, very intellectual, well-read, and knowledgeable. He also had the worst French accent I have ever heard. He pronounced every word, every syllable, every letter so harshly and with such stress and emphasis that the students would sit in class squinting in pain.

Give it your best effort. Read the following sentences in French. What are you saying? ) 1. La blouse est orange. lah blooz eh toh-rahNzh 2. Le service est horrible. luh sehr-vees eh toh-reebl Page 28 3. L'excursion est impossible. lehk-skewr-zyohN eh taN-pohseebl 4. Le guide est capable. luh geed eh kah-pahbl 5. Le client est certain. 2 lists the cognates that are nearly the same in both French and English. Take your time pronouncing the French words and compare them to their English equivalents.

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