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By David Ganz

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Lat . N . Lat . 17177) were copie d i n a cursiv e minuscule which may b e contemporary with th e Paulinus. A. S. Junii I, p. A. S. Juni V, p. 19-22. These lives are dated to th e eleventh century . 26 O. Dobiache Rozdestvenskaia , U n code x insulair e de s VH C-IXC siecle s a Leningrad , Bulletin de VAcademic des Sciences de VURSS VIV seri e (1930), pp. 183-93, pi. 1-4. 27 Paulinus Carmina, 15, 1, 6, 18 , 28, 27, cf. Code x Vaticanus Palatinus Latinus 235, Armarium Codicum Insignum Vol. IV (Brepol s 1988).

153 He attende d the Council o f Soissons i n 853, which condemne d Wulfa d an d hi s allies , an d th e Counci l o f Quierzy, i n th e sam e year, whic h condemne d Gottschalk . A s abbo t h e le d troop s which defeate d a Viking rai d on Corbie , probably i n 859. 154 This remarkabl e document , o f whic h th e origina l i s stil l extant , confirm s th e immunity grante d by th e Counci l o f Paris , though it makes no mentio n o f Charle s the Bald. 155 I n 854 Charles use d Corbi e a s a prison fo r Pippi n o f Aquitaine' s brothe r Charles who had been captured in 849, but later fled and in 873 for Karlomann, who had been blinded , bu t who fle d t o Aache n in 873.

16 The script is found i n three manuscripts: Leningrad , Lat . N . Lat . 17655; and i n a pen-trial o n fol . N. Lat . 12205. Theofrid, th e first abbo t o f Corbie , ha d been a monk at Luxeuil, 17 and this presumably explain s th e presence of th e script at Corbie. The Leningra d Homilies ar e the most richl y decorated o f al l extant Luxeui l volumes except for the Luxeuil Lectionary . Koehle r has characterized th e ornamentation a s ric h i n th e fre e play o f forms , betrayin g a unit y o f compositio n an d a principle of creating a unitary vision.

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