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Download Counting Procs. and Survival Anal. by T. Fleming, D. Harrington PDF

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By T. Fleming, D. Harrington

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They were spaced a maximum of 30 m apart but were commonly much closer. 2 R/h. 8 R/h. Ultimately it was determined that there had been a total of 1,324 g of plutonium in the dissolution vessel at the time of the accident. This was about three times the criticality safety limit. The recovered nitric solution contained 933 g of plutonium and a very rich precipitate was found in the bottom of vessel 2. It contained 391 g of plutonium in 660 g of solids; the remainder was mostly graphite pulp from molds.

The plutonium in R2 was then precipitated with approximately 15 g of plutonium discharged with the supematant. The precipitate was again dissolved, and the carbonate solution was transferred to the holding vessel, leading to the criticality accident. Table 5. 0 Running Plutonium 9. total of in RO (g) 267–51 =216 216+ 176–21 =371 371 +328–39=660 660 +46 -24 = 682 8. Idaho Chemical Processing Plant, 25 January 196114115~1G~17 Uranyl nitrate solution, U(90), in a vapor disengagement This accident occurred in the main process building, CPP 601, in H-cel[, where fission products were chemically separated from dissolved spent fuel.

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