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Download Critics of Keynesian Economics by Henry Hazlitt PDF

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By Henry Hazlitt

Henry Hazlitt faced the increase of Keynesianism in his day and prepare an highbrow arsenal: the main fabulous economists of the time displaying what's wrong with the method, in nice aspect with nice rigor. With excerpts from books and articles released among the 30s and 50s, it continues to be the main strong anti-Keynesian assortment ever assembled

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The brilliant results of this enlightened policy will dem8 A productive establishment on a large scale is sure to animate the industry of the whole neighborhood. "In Mexico," says Humboldt, "the best cultivated tract, and that which brings to the recollection of the traveller the most beautiful part of French scenery, is the level country extending from Salamanca as far as Silao, Guanaxuato, and Villa de Leon, and encircling the richest mines of the known world. Wherever the veins of precious metal have been discovered and worked, even in the most desert part of the Cordilleras, and in the most barren and insulated spots, the working of the mines, instead of interrupting the business of superficial cultivation, has given it more than usual activity.

Every one knows that as applied to them it has not even the semblance of plausibility; that the wealth of a producer does in a great measure depend upon the number of his customers, and that in general every additional purchaser does really add to his profits. If the reasoning, which would be so absurd if applied to individuals, be applicable to nations, the principle on which it rests must require much explanation and elucidation. Let us endeavour to analyse with precision the real nature of the advantage which a producer derives from an addition to the number of his customers.

That of exchanging their products with each other. If these persons could find one another out, they could mutually relieve each other from this disadvantage. Any two shopkeepers, in insufficient employment, who agreed to deal at each other's shops so long as they could there purchase articles of as good a quality as elsewhere, and at as low a price, would render the nation a service. It may be said that they must previously have dealt, to the same amount, with some other dealers; but this is erroneous, since they could only have obtained the means of purchasing by being previously enabled to sell.

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