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By Fred Piper, Sean Murphy

This e-book is a transparent and informative creation to cryptography and knowledge protection--subjects of substantial social and political significance. It explains what algorithms do, how they're used, the dangers linked to utilizing them, and why governments may be involved. vital components are highlighted, akin to flow Ciphers, block ciphers, public key algorithms, electronic signatures, and purposes akin to e-commerce. This e-book highlights the explosive influence of cryptography on glossy society, with, for instance, the evolution of the web and the advent of extra refined banking methods.

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Designing strong encryption algorithms is a specialized skill. Nevertheless there are a few obvious properties that a strong block cipher should possess and which are easy to explain. If an attacker has obtained a known plaintext and ciphertext pair for an unknown key, then that should not enable them to deduce easily the ciphertext corresponding to any other plaintext block. For example, an algorithm in which changing the plaintext block in a known way produces a predictable change in the ciphertext, would not have this property.

Not surprisingly, despite the fact that it offers the ultimate security level, there are very few practical communications networks systems that use the one-time pad. Of course, if someone is encrypting files to be stored for their own private use then they have no need to distribute any keys. In many storage scenarios, the only problems relate to key storage, and so, in some of these scenarios, the one-time pad may be as viable as any other cipher. 2007 12:51:11] Chapter 5: Modern Algorithms Team-Fly Chapter 5: Modern Algorithms Introduction Throughout Chapter 3 we stressed that the examples given were not indicative of current practice and that modern encryption algorithms tend to operate on bits rather than the letter substitutions of our examples.

If an attacker is able to determine parts of the key independently of other parts, then they are said to be launching a divide-and-conquer attack. To prevent this we require completeness, which means that each bit of ciphertext should depend on every bit of the key. Statistical testing forms a fundamental component of the assessment of block ciphers for these three listed properties and others. Thus statistical testing is vital for analysing all symmetric ciphers. The simplest, and perhaps the most natural, way to apply a block cipher to a long message is to divide the binary sequence into blocks of appropriate size and then to encrypt each block individually and independently.

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