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Неплохой путеводитель по кубинской столице.
Масса полезных советов, адреса и телефоны отелей и ресторанов, карта Гаваны и другая необходимая туристу информация.

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The hillsides are left bare, while the silt clogs waterways in the lowlands, and empties into the sea where it chokes delicate coral reefs. Hunger for land, especially in developing countries, is a growing threat to mountain environments, but conservationists are helping to reverse the damage by replanting forests and encouraging MAKING LIGHT WORK panels harness the energy of the Sun to generate electricity or thoughtful development. Solar to heat water for washing and heating. They are well suited to the mountain environment because the sunlight at high altitude is very intense.

Bernard dispensing brandy from a barrel around its neck is misleading – drinking alcohol causes the body to lose heat and should be avoided in the cold. An all-too-common sight on the ski slopes, the blood wagon is effectively a stretcher on a sled which allows an injured person to be carried to safety over difficult and snowy terrain. Poles protruding from each end allow the rescuers to hold it securely while they negotiate the slopes on skis or in climbing boots. Crampons give a secure footing on steep, icy ground Rescue pack Raingear (not shown) gives protection from wind, snow, and rain A rescue team sets out into the mountains fully prepared for any eventuality, their backpacks brimming with as much useful equipment as they can carry without overburdening and slowing down the party.

Objects as large as boulders, cars, and even houses can be€carried in the mudflow 60 the one that shook Mt. Vesuvius near Naples in Italy in ad 79. When the long-dormant volcano erupted on August 24th, the residents of the Roman town of Pompeii were caught unaware. Hot ash and pumice rained down on the town until it was buried several feet deep. More than 2,000 people were overwhelmed and died. AVALANCHE SURVIVAL The best way to survive in an avalanche is to avoid it in the first place! If caught, experts advise “swimming” on the snow in a breast-stroke to keep on the surface.

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