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By Lewis Ganson

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This is quite a pretty effect even though the cards only fall a few inches. Fanning powder applied to the cards will assist in making the cards cascade evenly. Page 33 CHAPTER SIX MAINLY MANIPULATION IN THIS CHAPTER we deal with three excellent items which require manipulative dexterity. The first two are methods for producing cards from the seemingly empty hands, while the third is a complete routine. --ALLEN SHAW'S CARD PRODUCTION As a boy Dai Vernon saw Allen Shaw perform on many occasions and was particularly intrigued by the manner in which he made coins and cards appear at his fingertips.

Dai Vernon uses this crimp to produce a startling effect. He hands the pack to a spectator and asks him to go to the other side of the room, cut the pack, remember the card he cuts to, then replace the cut-off portion. Without touching the pack, Dai tells him which card he cut to! First note the bottom card, then spring the cards from hand to hand, but sharply bend the pack for the springing action. Cut the pack, complete the cut, then spring the cards from hand to hand again; this time with just the normal amount of bending.

That's right—one here (as he secretly back-palms one of the right hand cards and drops the other to the stage) . . ". In time with the conclusion of the sentence he produces the card in his left hand. Next he back-palms the card in his left hand and produces the one in his right, then makes the card vanish from one hand and appear in the other two or three times. When one card is back-palmed in the left hand and the other visible in his right hand, he makes a throwing motion with his right hand towards the left as his body inclines to the left.

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