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By William Roosen

Daniel Defoe's principles on diplomacy and international relations express that he used to be a diplomatic realist who used to be considering such themes because the risks of common monarchy, the stability of energy, simply wars, the rights and duties of diplomatic brokers, and the operations of alliances.

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Defoe criticized Charles XII both for not joining the war against France and for creating diversions in Central Europe that weakened the alliance against Louis XIV by drawing off German forces that could otherwise be used against France. Defoe granted the legitimacy of Sweden's going to war on the grounds that Charles had been greatly provoked by King Augustus of Poland (acting in his capacity of elector of Saxony). "2 5 The possibility that Charles might have interests of his own that did not coincide with those of the antiFrench alliance was not mentioned.

Authors. Since much of this material was anonymous, it would not have made as much difference to a contemporary 'as it does to us today to recognize Defoe as the author. But the ordinary English reader's impressions were quite probably made up of the same mixture of fact, fiction, and interpretation that we find in Daniel Defoe. 8 "I Lay It Down as a Principle" Most of Defoe's writing about diplomacy was intended to persuade readers to accept a certain viewpoint or interpretation of events, especially on issues ·t;) of perennial concern.

5 ··The first and inost important purpose of alliances was self-defense. Before undertaking any adventures abroad, the home front had to be secured. For England, as for other countries, "it will for ever be true ... "6 Since Defoe and his contemporaries remembered the danger that resulted from James II's French-backed invasion oflreland, this counsel was especially important for them. " 7 Even if they could, however, it was much more desirable to avoid fighting in the British Isles. " 9 Defoe's arguments are still used tojustify collective security.

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