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Download DC Power Supply Handbook [Agilent App Note 90B] PDF

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Current Foldback Current foldback (Figure 20) provides better load protection than conventional current limiting because as the load resistance decreases below the crossover value, both the voltage and current decrease simultaneously along the foldback locus. The short circuit foldback point ranges typically between 20% and 50% of rated output current with the exact point for a specific supply depending on design considerations and circuit tolerances. For series regulated supplies, this reduction in short circuit output current decreases dissipation in the 37 regulating elements.

46 Figure 26. Impedances Shunting the Load Degrade Current Regulation As shown in Figure 27, the CCB design includes three key sections which determine its unique regulating properties--the Programming/Guard Amplifier, the Main Current Regulator, and the Voltage Limit Circuit. The Programming/Guard Amplifier is an independent, variable constant voltage source, whose output voltage EG is linearly dependent upon the setting of RQ, being equal to ESRQ/RS. The guard aspects of this circuit are discussed in detail later; it is sufficient to note here that this circuit permits linear output current control while facilitating the common point connection at the inboard side of the current monitoring resistor.

The Agilent Technology crowbar, illustrated in Figure 22, compares the output voltage with a reference voltage + V. The overvoltage potentiometer adjusts the reference voltage on the comparison amplifier and sets the voltage level at which the crowbar will activate. Normally the overvoltage control is located on the front panel and can be adjusted from approximately 20% to 120% of the maximum rated output voltage of the power supply. Figure 22. Typical Crowbar Overvoltage Protection Circuit When the output voltage exceeds the reference, the comparison amplifier triggers the blocking oscillator which then sends firing pulses to the SCR.

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