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Download Democratic Orators from JFK to Barack Obama by Andrew S. Crines, David S. Moon, Robert Lehrman, Philip PDF

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By Andrew S. Crines, David S. Moon, Robert Lehrman, Philip Thody

This booklet examines the oratorical and rhetorical types of prime determine in Democratic celebration politics because the Sixties. It finds how major orators strove to attach their message with quite a few audiences from the Senate to the media.

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Despite Sorensen’s discretion he left enough clues for us to know how the speeches got done, and how the most successful moments came about. But we also know that Kennedy, a graceful writer himself as even his wartime letters demonstrate, saw the value of what Sorensen did and worked to perform them well. Moreover, JFK’s oratory was at its best as a way to influence policy. Despite the limited achievements of a president in office for a thousand days, we should not forget that it was Kennedy’s decisions that shaped the speeches.

A cotton farmer in Georgia . . cannot protect himself against the forces of supply and demand in the marketplace, but working together in effective governmental programs he can do so. (Kennedy, 1960c) He uses a periodic sentence to create suspense by withholding a key word until after repetition: ‘no friend, no neutral, and no adversary should think otherwise’ (Kennedy, 1961c). To address different audiences he uses segmentation: ‘to those old allies whose cultural and spiritual origins we share, we pledge .

Rhetoric often, Aristotle suggested, ‘resembles a rough sketch, for the larger the crowd should be, the more remote is the inspection, so that precision is unnecessary’ (2004: 243). Johnson often addressed very large audiences thanks to the mass media, his speeches on major topics focused on the big picture. This was deliberate; his objective was to mobilise support behind broadly defined goals, the details would come later. Richard Goodwin, Andrew Taylor 37 who wrote many of Johnson’s major addresses, argued presidential rhetoric should set out aims, values, and objectives thereby building connections and moving people to action (1988: 288, 327; see also Garrelick, 1999).

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