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Download Democratic Republic of The Congo (Modern World Nations) by Joseph R. Oppong, Tania Woodruff, Charles F. Gritzner PDF

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By Joseph R. Oppong, Tania Woodruff, Charles F. Gritzner

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It stretched from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to the Kwango River in the east, including what is today northern Angola and parts of the DRC and the Republic of the Congo. By the fifteenth century, the dominant political force of the Congo region was the Kongo Empire. It had developed an intricate system of taxation and was the hub of an extensive Central African trade network based on slaves and natural resources. 33 032-044_MWN-DR-CON_03 34 9/6/07 4:26 PM Page 34 Democratic Republic of the Congo Numerous other, although much smaller, states emerged throughout the region.

In an attempt to better develop its economy, he began a number of construction projects. The most ambitious was a railway that ran from the coast to Léopoldville (now Kinshasa). All of his projects were designed for a sole purpose, to facilitate the extraction and export of resources from the colony. Leopold never visited the Congo; rather, he issued decrees from Belgium. He required the natives to trade only with his agents, or with his “concessions” (private companies that paid him 50 percent of their profits).

To stop this, they planned to kill Lumumba. President Kasavubu dismissed Lumumba as prime minister and he, in turn, dismissed Kasavubu as president. Shortly after, Lumumba was arrested and assassinated. With United Nations and Soviet aid, the Katanga rebellion was brought to an end in 1963. Moise Tshombe fled the country, but was invited back by Kasavubu to be the new prime minister, as a means of easing tensions. A NEW ERA Following five years of extreme instability and civil unrest, Joseph Mobutu, the Congolese army’s lieutenant general, overthrew President Kasavubu in a 1965 coup d’état.

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