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By Lauren M. McLaren

Why are a few regimes democratic whereas others aren't? in particular, how have Spain and Italy controlled to turn into democratic whereas Turkey, which stocks many comparable features, has now not? Spain, Italy and Turkey have shared universal ancient good points which might were disruptive to any new democracy; in spite of the fact that they characterize a big selection of democratization reviews. offering a comparative case learn research, this ebook deals a few clues as to the explanations for profitable transitions to democracy. this can be performed via a number of variables which come with: the measure of ‘stateness’ difficulties studying from prior reports with democracy and authoritarianism fiscal improvement the techniques used for designing the hot principles of the regime the lifestyles or absence of ‘civil society’ and the relationship among society and political associations the democratic ideas themselves the professionalization of the army the effect of exterior elements on democratic consolidation. through reading those variables around the 3 international locations, Lauren McLaren narrows the diversity of attainable factors for transformations in democratic consolidation. The ebook should be of specific curiosity to scholars and researchers of eu Politics and Democratization reviews.

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Gaining and maintaining control over the population contained within the territory of a state is one of the main difficulties faced by all modern states, but it is particularly problematic for democracies. In stark contrast to authoritarian regimes, the methods of control available to democracies are – at least in theory – far more limited, as brutal coercion may be seen to violate some of the underlying tenets of democracy discussed in Chapter 1. g. terrorists) that allows for coercive measures, the fact of the matter is that when a large sector of the population feels that the state’s institutions do not represent people like them and that laws are being made for them by foreigners, this creates inherent tensions within a democracy.

24 Problems in state building One of the most basic defining features of a state is that it has clear boundaries that are generally recognized and acknowledged by the rest of the international community; the state’s leaders then – in theory – have the absolute right to make policy that applies to the population residing in that territory with the expectation of non-interference by other states (although Chapter 10 will provide examples of some external interference). The process of setting these boundaries is rarely easy or natural – for instance, driven exclusively by natural boundaries like waterways or mountains – and indeed boundaries are often settled by war.

Italians also appear to have been further unified by the myth of Italy being cheated of her due by other victorious nations after World War I, a myth that was eventually used by Nationalists to rally support (see Mack Smith 1959: 321). During the fascist period in Italy, the regime drew upon the ancient Roman imperial past and began excavating Roman ruins and erecting marble reliefs showing the extent of the Roman Empire in order to further build Italian national identity. The Risorgimento heroes and Italian writers and thinkers were used to build nationalism as well.

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