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By Third Dzogchen Rinpoche

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It offers a comprehensive presentation of Great Perfection thought and practice, from descriptions of the ground of reality to practical instructions on tantric practice, all the way up to the fruition of Great Perfection meditation. This is a rare example of Great Perfection literature that gives equal attention to both the theoretical grounding of the Heart Essence and its practical implementation, treating both in an incredibly detailed manner. It also covers related topics such as the lineage history of the Great Perfection and the various samaya vows associated with the four empowerments.

The first of these entails three steps: an analysis of the origin, presence, and departure of mind, an analysis of whether the mind is unitary or composite, and an analysis of the naked observation of one's own original state. The main body of the practice consists of being introduced to awareness in its original state, at which point the guru gives a series of experiential pointing out instructions to trigger a recognition of the nature of mind in the student. this recognition. 66 A text entitled Pointing Out the Breakthrough: The Spacious Expanse ofLiberation from Extremes outlines the structure of the most common presentation of breakthrough practice in the Heart Essence of the Dakinis.

The following passage from the Precious History of the Treasure recounts how this transmission took place:30 One time the master Padmasambhava was practicing at Zhoto Tidro Trak along with his spiritual partner, Lady Tsogyal of Kharchen. While they were there, wisdom dakinis exhorted Yeshe Tsogyal with the following prophetic declaration: "The enlightened mind of this great master, the nirmanakaya buddha, holds a set of profound key instructions called the Heart Essence of the Dakinis. These direct instructions bring buddhahood in three years and cause the corporeal aggregates to disappear in this very life.

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