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By David W. Spitzer

This e-book is designed to aid working towards engineers steer clear of expenditures linked to misapplication of flowmeters. The textual content studies the real recommendations of circulation size and offers factors, functional issues, illustrations, and examples of present flowmeter expertise. A rational method for flowmeter choice is gifted to aid selection makers evaluation acceptable criteria.(Volume in RMC Series). Contents: functionality Measures Linearization and repayment Totalization Calibration Flowmeter functionality Flowmeter varieties: Differential strain, Magnetic Mass, Open Channel, Oscillatory, confident Displacement, objective, Thermal, Turbine, Ultrasonic, Variable quarter, Insertion, and pass; elements, facts specifications, and methods for Flowmeter choice.

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Why or why not? 5 Which is preferable, a flowmeter with repeatability of 1 percent rate, an accuracy of 1 percent rate, or a composite accuracy of 1 percent rate? Why? 6 What is the turndown of a flowmeter that measures accurately from 30 to 100 percent of scale? 7 What is the rangeability of a flowmeter whose full scale can be adjusted from 50 to 175 percent of its present full scale? 8 Given the following applications: 1. Maintain cooling water 2. Chemical reactor feed 3. Fill storage tank 4.

2 Why is liquid flow measurement more accurate than gas flow measurement? 3 What Reynolds numbers can be simulated in a flow laboratory? 4 What type of calibration errors are introduced by zero calibration errors and zero drift? Span calibration errors and span drift? 7 Measurement of Flowmeter Performance Introduction One of the factors upon which flowmeters selection is based is flowmeter performance. As in any industry, manufacturers tend to represent their products in a manner that best presents that product.

Therefore, the performance of approximately 5 percent of these flowmeters will not be within the stated accuracy. Flowmeter accuracy is also affected by fluctuations in operating conditions and tolerances in flowmeter construction. These parameters are considered in the following subsections as part of calculations of the overall flowmeter system accuracy. When a composite accuracy statement is not available, accuracy, linearity, and repeatability can be considered individually in calculating overall flowmeter system accuracy.

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