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Download Native American Religions by Paula R Hartz, Joanne O'Brien, Martin Palmer PDF

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By Paula R Hartz, Joanne O'Brien, Martin Palmer

Surveys the background and easy ideals of local American religions.

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So he made another fig- ure from the clay of the stream and breathed life into it. It was the first woman. Together the man and the woman had many children, who lived and grew and peopled the Earth. fLying off WiTH THE sun When Raven plays tricks he may do it on behalf of humans for whom he feels special affection. It was Raven who brought light to the world when the Sun was locked away from people by a powerful chief. By employing his magic Raven turned himself into a tiny particle in the drinking water of the chief’s daughter and was later born to her as a human baby.

PoWERs of AnimALs And ELEmEnTs A guardian spirit usually took the form of an animal, but in some cases the form might be that of a natural element such as wind or fire. The spirit the boy saw brought him special powers; for example, a turtle spirit might confer long life; an eagle spirit, purity, and fierceness; a butterfly spirit, the ability to escape danger; or a bear spirit, strength. Among the Plains tribes, buffalo spirits were especially powerful; the buffalo, whose flesh gave food, whose bones became tools, and whose hide made clothing and shelter, was considered a special messenger of the Great Spirit.

A central figure in their tales is Changing Woman, who, like Sky Woman, is responsible for the gift of corn and who bears twin sons. Like Sky Woman, she also has divine origins. After he and First Woman created the world, First Man went walking in the mountains. On a black and stormy night he heard a baby cry. He went to the sound of the crying and found a baby lying in a cradle of rainbows, its head to the west and its feet to the east. It was wrapped in four blankets, blue, black, white, and yellow, held in place by a sunbeam.

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