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By J. D. Joannopoulos, S. Fan, A. Mekis (auth.), Costas M. Soukoulis (eds.)

This quantity includes papers offered on the NATO complicated learn Institute (ASI) Photonic Crystals and light-weight Localization held on the Creta Maris lodge in Limin Hersonissou, Crete, June 18-30, 2000. Photonic crystals provide targeted how you can tailor gentle and the propagation of electromagnetic waves (EM). In analogy to electrons in a crystal, EM waves propagating in a constitution with a periodically modulated dielectric consistent are geared up into photonic bands, separated by means of gaps the place propagating states are forbidden. there were proposals for novel purposes ofthese photonic band hole (PBG) crystals, with working frequencies starting from microwave to the optical regime, that come with 0­ threshold lasers, low-loss resonators and cavities, and effective microwave antennas. Spontaneous emission, suppressed for photons within the photonic band hole, deals novel techniques to control the EM box and create high-efficiency light-emitting buildings. cutting edge how you can control gentle could have a profound iofluence on technological know-how and technology.

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We have demonstrated [36,37] the existence of such cavity structures built around the layer-by-Iayer PBG crystal. The defects are formed by either adding or removing dielectric material to or from the crystal. We have observed [36,37] localized defect modes with peak and high Q values. The measurements are in good agreement with theoretical calculations. An interesting class of photonic crystals is the A 7-family of structures [38]. These structures have rhombohedral symmetry and can be generated by connecting lattice points of the A 7 structure by cylinders.

T.. N . L:. . : : : ;t :. :. :, ~: Iltd ,,·1: ! 2 ~' /: t: I: j; ---- -1111- --1,1:. i I: : I: ... ~: : ..... L. "--: I :. __ ~~ ........ ". ,.... tJ . 8 Figure 3. 1, displaying the full gap between the 8 and 9 bands and the weaker pseudogap between bands 2 and 3. Frequencies are in dimensionless units where cO is the speed of light (in the dielectric background) and a the lattice constant. 4. FABRICATION OF PHOTONIC BAND GAP STRUCTURES There have been intensive efforts to build and test photonic band gap structures, dating back to the original efforts of Yablonovitch [13] shortly after his first proposal for PBG crystals.

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