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By Michael Reaves

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Which path should you follow? 31 Look for Musashi in Edo. Click here. Look for Musashi in Kyoto. Click here. 32 T he man jumps forward and swings his staff at you. You jump back, throw down your staff, turn and run! As you reach the door, you hear the laughter of all the people following you. They yell insults at you: “Coward! Dog! ” As you reach the outer gate, you see another samurai entering. He looks straight at you. It’s Musashi! This is your chance. ” you yell. ” Several of the people who were yelling at you suddenly appear behind you.

Suddenly there’s a blazing pain in your head! The man behind you must have been so angry at his defeat that he’s picked up his bo and hit you! You feel yourself blacking out and you fall to your knees, then forward . . 45 Awaken. Click here. 46 Y ou’re standing outside a building made of thin strips of wood and sheets of paper. You’re in the village of Ogura, on the island of Kyushu, in the year 1634. Musashi would be about fifty years old now. ” Musashi was the first samurai to use two swords in battle.

As it comes out of the sheath. “Ah! ” The samurai looks at you. ” He smiles an evil smile. ” What? You look at Kanemitsu. ” you say to Koura. “I’m afraid he can,” Kanemitsu says. ” 19 You turn back toward the big samurai, who has raised the sword over his head. You know how sharp it must be—he could cut you in half with it! Well, the law here might allow him to cut you down, but there’s no law that says you have to stay and let him! You turn and run for the door of the building. ” Koura yells, chasing you.

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