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Download The actor, the rebel and the wrinkled queen by Queen of England Elizabeth I; Deary, Terry PDF

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By Queen of England Elizabeth I; Deary, Terry

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You can’t be Queen! ” Then she ducked back in before he could see who had shouted. The crowd laughed and shuffled their feet and began to drift away. The old woman became braver. ” she yelled. ” She ducked back inside. The earl was becoming desperate. “You have had years of plague and years of hunger. ” the old man called, joining in the fun. His wife smacked him around the head with a wet cloth. “People of England, I beg you … join me! Join me! ” the earl roared. ” Furious horsemen raised their swords and looked towards The Black Bull.

The landlord appeared in the doorway. “That’s enough, Miranda,” he said to her. “Yes, Father,” she sighed. She walked to the door, turned for one last look at me and poked out her tongue. ” There was a sudden silence in the room, then a great shuffling of chairs as the actors hurried to empty the room I stood there with my mouth open as the tall, handsome and richly dressed earl marched into the room, sword clattering at his side and long beard flowing – the old queen’s favourite and her most powerful lord.

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